Shoot JR In Dallas

The "Shoot JR in Dallas" Campaign kicked off today at Dallas City Hall - March 8, 2006

Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO, Phillip Jones, Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and Dallas Film Commission Director, Janis Burklund announced the new "Shoot JR in Dallas" campaign to help raise funds for the DFW Production Fund today at City Hall.

The grassroots movement will help create private support in hopes to attract more television and film projects to the area, starting off with the upcoming "Dallas" feature film. In attendance and showing their support were numerous city councilmembers, City Manager, Mary Suhm and other city officials.

Check out the merchandise and see how you can help! Go the website at and click on "Shoot JR in Dallas" on the home page.

The film commission is constantly being asked by supporters "How can we help?"

Here's how!

- Help us spread the word.
- Purchase "Shoot JR in Dallas!" bumper stickers, hats and t-shirts for a nominal charge on our website The money raised will be applied toward the DFW Production Incentive Fund.
- In addition, a donation form is provided on the site.
- It won't take the place of state funding - that's critical to our short-term and long-term success. But it will help. And grassroots support is very important for visibility of the cause.

My thoughts...

I'm glad to see the City of Dallas working in conjunction with the Dallas Film Commission. Our state leaders have really dropped the ball in recent years on creating incentives for movies (especially big Hollywood ones) to shoot in Texas.

If you didn't know, there is talk about shooting the new "Dallas" movie IN CANADA. Yeah, that's right. Can you imagine JR and Bobby drinking Molson??? I hope this campaign helps!


7 comments to "Shoot JR In Dallas"

  • You know, it seems like like 18 or 20 years ago, everytime you turned around, they were shooting one big budget movie after another in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Then, like all of a sudden it seemed, the bottom dropped out and everybody high-tailed it to Canada. Of course I realize that the bottom line is always money but- What happened? Was it labor issues or are they really able to do it that much cheaper in Canada?

  • It's all about the money. They can (or could) shoot A LOT cheaper in Canada. Things are slowly changing back to the States through tax incentives, etc. and Canada has some weird rules like you have to hire X amount of Canadian crew and actors to shoot there.


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  • Alex, thanks for checking out the blog. I don't know of a resource off-hand for what you're searching for, but I'm sure it's out there. There are tons of books though and of course tons of blogs on video production. :)

    Good luck with your venture!


  • You know what is sad, that our own Laura Miller not too long ago was downing Southfork and the show Dallas, not just once but many times. In her speeches and in comments on T.V. That show and that house brings many international tourists to our city every year, even still today. She didn't want Dallas to be known for "just that". I see she has changed her tune a bit. I believe if the movie is not filmed here, some of the blame lays on her own shoulders. As mayor, she shouldn't be downing anything that promotes any business in Dallas.

  • I don't disagree. Laura Miller and the city council have not in my opinion supported film in Dallas enough - or even realized the benefits (financial and otherwise) it can bring to the community. Of course if the movie version of "Dallas" doesn't shoot here it will be a lot of folks fault, especially the Texas legislature with their obstinance to tax incentives for movie production.


  • Charlie Hunnam has finally responded to rumors that he's a favorite to play this role..
    waiting eagerly to wach the movie....
    The Movie Fifty shades Of Grey

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