ClickStar and Morgan Freeman

From a press release:

ClickStar, Inc., a digital entertainment venture founded by Revelations Entertainment, the production company headed by Morgan Freeman and business partner Lori McCreary, with investment from Intel Corporation, will release its first feature film, "10 Items Or Less", starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega ("Spanglish").

This precedent-setting effort addresses growing consumer desire for premium entertainment and marks the anticipated launch of the ClickStar broadband entertainment service later this year.

The A-list film will debut on ClickStar within weeks of its national theatrical release.

ClickStar's core mission is to become the online destination for premium content, designed to give filmmakers a vehicle to connect directly to their fans with new ways of experiencing home entertainment in a very affordable and flexible way. ClickStar's service plans to offer first-run, pre-DVD-release films and artist-created entertainment channels as part of its online services. ClickStar's service will target millions of broadband consumers worldwide using Intel® Viiv technology-based PCs.

Typical ClickStar users will be able to enjoy full screen high-fidelity films conveniently on their big screen TV from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go through laptop PCs.

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini made the announcement during his afternoon keynote at the 2006 Consumer Electronic Show. As a strong endorsement for this ground breaking service, Otellini, Freeman and ClickStar Chairman Lori McCreary were joined by Hollywood filmmakers Danny DeVito, Tom Shadyac, Tom Hanks and Brad Silberling.

"The announcement of "10 Items or Less" and the plan to deliver it through the broadband into the living room just weeks after the movie's theatrical release marks a key milestone in the vision we outlined just two short years ago at CES", said Otellini. "We are excited to bring this vision to reality, and even more committed to making premium, first-run content available to consumers in the comfort of their own digital home theaters."

Freeman said, "Our collaboration with Intel continues to grow, and ClickStar with Viiv technology offers a huge opportunity for filmmakers to reach audiences worldwide. With "10 items or less" and ClickStar's service, we can now offer film fans a choice - watch it in the theatre or anytime they want in the comfort of their home."

Brad Silberling said, "For those who won't make it to a movie theater, it's a chance to enjoy a uniquely intimate viewing experience - an experience that's as intimate as the story itself."

"10 Items or Less" is a co-production between Reveal Entertainment and Revelations Entertainment and will be produced by McCreary, Silberling and Julie Lynn. The film begins shooting next month in Los Angeles (it is shooting now).

Go to ClickStar's website to watch a short video featuring Morgan Freeman (it's on the upper right hand side of the page). He talks about the vision of ClickStar.

It's interesting because he speaks of legal movie downloads as combating piracy and compares the film side of things to the music industry (and how they screwed up until iTunes came along) - and he makes some very good points.

This info came out in January, but I hadn't followed it much until recently. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.


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