Oscars Tonight

This is an obvious one, but... the Oscars are on tonight.

I am planning on watching, although I must admit, I've only seen a handful of the nominated films. This is highly unusual for me too. Typically I see them all.

But this is an unusual year across the board. How many of you have seen "Transamerica"? How about "Capote"? "Brokeback Mountain" anyone? Heck, I haven't even seen "Munich" - and I really wanted to, but I've just been darn busy.

I did (unfortunately) see "Good Night and Good Luck". If you read my blog you know I think this movie is terrible. If it wins anything I will be very disappointed. And btw, it's no ant-George Clooney bias going on here. His movie just sucked. I actually wouldn't mind if he won for Best Supporting Actor for "Syrianna" (of course, guess what... I didn't see that one either).

I'm not really one to make predications. But I am going to assume that "Brokeback" will be the big winner. Some people are thinking "Crash" (nope, hadn't seen it) might spoil the night for the gay cowboys, but we'll see...

I'm actually looking most forward to seeing Jon Stewart's opening monologue. I just hope the folks tonight keep everything focused on ENTERTAINMENT. I am not in any mood to be lectured on politics by some Hollywood elitist. But again, we'll have to wait and see...


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