Hollywood Is Scared

Was it just me, or did the Oscar broadcast reveal just how scared (or paranoid) Hollywood is of the future?

In several of the presenter's written blurbs and almost all the montage intros there was a recurring theme. Even the president of the Academy mentioned the theme in his boring speech. What was the theme?

Hollywood wants you to see movies on the BIG SCREEN.

They basically bashed DVDs, portable DVD players, iPods, home theaters, etc. This is strange talk since DVD sales account for almost double the revenue of theatrical sales. And, moreover, these "ancillary markets" including the new VoD models (video-on-demand) are the future of distribution (and are great marketing tools).

I too do not want the theatrical experience to go away. And I don't think it will in my lifetime. It will have to change considerably though (if they want to survive). And Hollywood does need to adapt to these new distribution ideas (and they are starting to).

It was just very odd to me the cheap shots they took at basically all other forms of seeing a movie.

Hollywood is notoriously slow to change and it appears by the theme tonight that this will continue. Maybe that's why almost all the Best Film nominees were independent? :)


(I'll post a mini-review of the actual show tomorrow evening - I did think Jon Stewart did okay, not great, but okay...)

4 comments to "Hollywood Is Scared"

  • I think I'm going to start a grassroots campaign to get Conan O'Brien (or is it O'Brian?) to host the Oscars.

  • As for the other part of your post: I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed all of the pro- big screen (and seeming anti-DVD, etc) propaganda.
    And the president of the Academy's speech did seem awfully laced with paranoia.
    Sure, I love going to the local cinema as much as the next guy to see a new release and have to take out a small loan just for popcorn and a soda and deal with rude cellphone users, talkers, smelly people .... I'm kidding (sort of).
    Seriously, I agree that there is nothing like experiencing a movie on the big screen and I hope that option never goes away, but at the same time, at this point in my life, Hollywood wouldn't be getting any of my business if it weren't for those "ancilliary markets." My wife and I both work fulltime jobs (both of which involve a significant amount of overtime) and we have two young children (one of which is now involved in several extra-curricular activities). So, going to the cinema is a rare treat for us. Thank God for the $9.99 and under DVD bin at Wal Mart (as well as amazon.com).
    Speaking of DVD's (and not to get OT here), I bought 'Silent Running' recently. I actually saw it in the theatre when I was six years old (and I think that was the last time I ever saw it in it's entirety). I have to say that is one old Sci-Fi movie that has really held up well visually speaking. The only thing that really dates it is all of the Joan Baez music but it really wasn't that bad.

  • BTW- the two previous comments were posted by me. I just forgot to sign them.

  • hey steve,

    you make some great points and actually hit the nail on the head concerning movie theater experiences. basically they suck and have to get better.

    i read on another blog that they doubt anyone in the crowd at the oscars had even been to a movie theater to see any of the films... and if they had they were either at a premiere (for free and at a very nice theater) or in some ritzy studio screening room or even in their own home theater watching a dvd. so, they doubt seriously that they even practice what they preach!

    i love going to the movies, but i hate dealing with all the things you mention and i sincerely hope they get the message and clean up their act AND make better movies.


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