MORGANVILLE Premieres Today!

Today is the day my latest directed series premieres on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel...

There are six episodes... The first two premiere TODAY and then a new one premieres each day for the rest of this week through Halloween.

The above embed is a Playlist and so it should contain each episode as they are released.

UPDATE:  All six episodes have now been released. So you can easily watch them in the above YouTube playlist, and look for a VOD and DVD coming soon with lots of extras included in it.

Hope you like it!


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Introducing CineMoti | 2nd Unit Footage for Filmmakers

I have founded a new start-up media company that I'd like to initially share with the readers of my blog...

It's called CineMoti and the company produces original "2nd Unit" style footage for filmmakers to use in features, shorts, commercials, digital (web) series, PSAs, corporate video and more.

Our flagship collection is called CineMoti 2nd Unit™, and we currently have three categories within it:

1. 2nd Unit™ EXTRAS
2. 2nd Unit™ PLATES
3. 2nd Unit™ ELEMENTS

There are LOTS of "stock footage" resources on the web these days, but virtually all take a shotgun approach to their content through crowd-sourcing.

CineMoti is different.

We produce our own content and cater it to filmmakers who care not only about the quality and craft of the footage they work with, but also some of the finer technical aspects that can really make a difference in post-production and ultimately enhance the story they want to tell.

So what do we mean by this?

We offer post-friendly, flexible, high-quality footage in HD to 4K and beyond. This includes RED RAW .R3D and/or Log or "Flat" versions of footage. This allows for the most creative choices in post-production (specifically color grading), and it can make it much easier to match a stock shot into an existing edit. 

It also means that the footage is original and EXCLUSIVE to our site. So you won't find this on every other stock site out there as is often the case with crowd-sourcing.

And FYI... beyond the 2nd Unit collection, we also offer traditional stock and timelapse footage.

Right now we're a Beta site - primarily because we're uploading our inventory - and so we're calling this current phase a "soft launch".  By January 2015 we plan to have a lot more content online and we'll begin a full marketing campaign and do a "grand opening" event.  

But in the meantime, we are open for business and so please check out the new site and see what you think. 

I hope you like it.

Thank you!

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Who Am I?

I'm a filmmaker who's produced & directed five feature films including the comedy SPILT MILK (available on iTunes), the new horror/thriller PHOBIA (on iTunes) and the action/thiller KILLING DOWN (which you can buy or rent at pretty much all the usual places).

I also created the Streamy and Webby award-winning web series PINK, which to date has been viewed online around 10 MILLION times at places like YouTube, Hulu, Koldcast and And speaking of, I also produced and directed an online thriller for them called EXPOSED. It was released summer 2010. And most recently I created a new online sci-fi series called CONTINUUM, which is part of the online indie TV network - Just The Story and NOW available via VOD through indie platform Distrify.

Oh, and I don't shoot weddings. Thanks for asking though.

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