12 Seconds of Fame!

After I won the Streamy Award they grabbed me backstage to do a 12 second interview for www.12seconds.tv. It's kind of like Twitter for video. You only have 12 seconds. So anyway, here's my moment in the limelight and I went over my 12 second limit as you'll see. :)


And here's a link to ALL the winners and their 12 seconds (including Natalie Raitano):


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Watch Nat get a Tat...

PINK star Natalie Raitano gets a tattoo in this episode of "California Kickin":

Click here to watch video in proper aspect ratio


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WINNER BEST DIRECTION in a Dramatic Web Series

I was very fortunate and honored to win the Streamy Award last night for Best Direction in a Dramatic Web Series for PINK!

A good friend to the show (and Nataile) posted a video on YouTube that was recorded off his computer from the live stream...

For more info visit www.streamys.org.

Thank you to all the fans who watch and support the show!!!


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Texas Film Scene Podcast

I was interviewed for a cool new podcast called the "Texas Film Scene" from Curtis Wayne. You can subscribe on iTunes or just download the individual episode (#6)

iTunes Link

Check it out!

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Top 5 Online Video Providers

The numbers are in, and the winner is...

YouTube, of course.

But, Hulu is now #2 and making great strides - and actually has a good chance of becoming more financially successful in the long run (YouTube doesn't make money...yet).

YouTube had 5.1 billion streams in February (yes, billion with a "b"), and Hulu had 308.8 million.

Advertisers seem to be much more inclined to work with Hulu because of their content, not their numbers. Professionally produced TV shows and movies, along with short form series (like "Pink") are what set them apart.

Read entire Cable/FAX story here.


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Midgets vs. Mascots Teaser

Check out this teaser for the upcoming film "Midgets vs. Mascots" starring none other than Gary Coleman. I know the producers of the film (from Dallas). Although I'll withhold their names to protect the guilty... :)

Teaser is surprisingly funny. It's like "Borat" meets "Jackass".


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First Look-Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Descent "first look" at the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera that shoots both stills and 1080p HD video...


I'm very interested in this move towards DSLR cameras and HD video (the way we shot "Pink" and "Exposed" was with a 35mm adapter and SLR lenses on an HD camera, so this would be similar, but better). I will likely not buy this one though since right now it doesn't shoot 24p (only 30p). However, it will definitely have this option soon, maybe as a firmware update or in the next model.

It's really an amazing thing to be able shoot this high-end of a look for around $3000.


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Angel of Death Review

Good piece on Angel of Death (see previous post to watch series)...



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Okay, okay, I'll join! You can now follow me (Loud Pictures) on Twitter...


If you aren't on Twitter yet, just sign up. It's easy and pretty cool actually. I'll update the progress of all the various projects I'm involved with from web series to feature films. So check it out!


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Streamy Awards Nominations

"Pink" has been honored at the 1st Annual Streamy Awards by being nominated twice for two awards. First one is Best Directing in a Dramatic Web Series and the second one Best Cinematography in a Web Series.

This new event is being pushed as "The Oscars for the Internet". So, it's prett cool. Nominations came from the newly created International Academy of Web Television from over 100,000 submissions.

The ceremony will be held at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills on March 28th. It will also be streamed live online (I'll let folks know where soon).

In the cinematography category we're up against JOSS WHEDON'S "DR. HORRIBLE"... that is some tough competition. Who knows how we'll do, but as they saying goes, it's just an honor to be nominated. :)

Here's a direct link to all the nominees:


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Angel of Death

Just watch this:

The days of "indie" web series are quickly coming to an end. This is really good stuff, but it's going to be very hard for lower-budget (and lower profile) web series producers to compete. This is a good and bad thing IMHO.


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Movie Tax Incentives Website

Interesting site to check out for Movie Tax Incentives and Credits:


Not only has recent news, but also list each state and what they offer. Nice resource.


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Who Am I?

I'm a filmmaker who's produced & directed five feature films including the comedy SPILT MILK (available on iTunes), the new horror/thriller PHOBIA (on iTunes) and the action/thiller KILLING DOWN (which you can buy or rent at pretty much all the usual places).

I also created the Streamy and Webby award-winning web series PINK, which to date has been viewed online around 10 MILLION times at places like YouTube, Hulu, Koldcast and TheWB.com. And speaking of TheWB.com, I also produced and directed an online thriller for them called EXPOSED. It was released summer 2010. And most recently I created a new online sci-fi series called CONTINUUM, which is part of the online indie TV network JTS.tv - Just The Story and NOW available via VOD through indie platform Distrify.

Oh, and I don't shoot weddings. Thanks for asking though.

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