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The sci-fi blog Giant Freakin Robot posted a solid review of my indie sci-fi series Continuum.

Overall the author liked the show, although he was picky about a few things as most critics usually are. :)

One minor thing he noted was that our "Bridge" set was only two chairs and a desk and he thought that was lame... well, that's fine, but what he doesn't realize is it was designed that way purposely as all the controls are floating monitors and virtual touch screens, etc. - the monitors have appeared in Season 1, but the other controls don't appear until Season 2 (spoiler alert!). Lol.

Anyway, I appreciate them taking the time to review the show and hope other sci-fi bloggers will do the same.

Right now you can watch the series episodically (commercial-free) on indie subscription TV network or as one "long episode" played back-to-back via our VOD partner Distrify, and starting July 10th we'll be releasing it weekly on our YouTube Channel (ad-supported).

Note though, the YouTube release will most likely be a limited one, meaning the show (minus a few preview episodes) will be removed in the future. The plan is to use the "free" YouTube run as a promotion to build up awareness for the show and for Season 2, which will premiere this fall (date TBA). It'll also be a preview for folks to hopefully buy the full season via Distrify and/or DVD that will be released later too (with lots of extras). I'm still figuring all this out however.

The main idea though is to make the show easily available in a variety of ways for fans to enjoy, and at the same time allow us (the creators) to monetize it and continue to do more work!


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  • The good news is that you told us up front that you intend to remove it from YouTube.

    The bad news is that this means we have zero reason to embed and promote the show. Removing content from YouTube simply sucks. It destroys the "fabric of the Web".

    I get why you might want to do it. I just think it that it is a really horrible attitude towards any Web property. Perhaps you will reconsider.

  • And yes i realize you said "most likely". Perhaps I am reading too much into that, but most likely to me means "highly probably".

  • To clarify, it takes a lot of time to post and promote Web series. If a creator, for their own reasons, takes content off the Web it effectively destroys a lot of hard work. If creators are not going to respect the time and effort of others then that just sucks.

    In fairness you have not asked anyone to support you. Some of us do it on our own. But if you treat fans this way it essentially means you just do not care, or at least that is the perception.

    The Web is a mesh of relationships both personal and links (embeds). It is important to consider that as part of any marketing strategy. When you destroy the "mesh" you disrupt the very essence of the Web.

    Happy 4th July.

  • I hear you. We have to do what's best for the show, and what that is I'm not sure yet. We might leave it all on YT, or maybe just a few "preview" eps. Ultimately we need to monetize our content to keep doing this, and so far we're doing ok with Distrfy and JTS, but we have a long way to go before we recoup or get close to a profit. Hopefully YT will help build a sustainable audience.

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