Continuum Video-On-Demand

Season 1 of my sci-fi series Continuum is now available to watch instantly via indie VOD platform Distrify.  The nine episodes have been edited together to play seamlessly and continuously as one "long episode" of more than 40 mins. in total length!

You can watch the trailer below as a free preview, then simply rent the show from the same player for only $3.99.

Make sure to expand the player to full screen to see it in all its HD glory. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the support!


P.S. The new website and blog are now online too for the show, so please check that out sometime when you have a chance.

3 comments to "Continuum Video-On-Demand"

  • How do you like Distrify?

    I believe you posted about several PPV movie platforms a while back. This might be a good distribution platform for Continuum.

    An interesting model might be to do a first run as a series on an open platform like YouTube to build awareness and then follow on with the full PPV "movie experience", either with or without extra content.

  • So far so good on Distrify. I really like their player setup and toolset... it's very filmmaker friendly.

    They do have a few minor things I noticed that need improvement, for example, they don't offer 1080p HD yet - only 720p. And for the web that's okay, but YouTube has been offering 1080p for a while now. Also, the data rate for compression is a bit on the low side IMO. Taking YouTube again, they allow over double the data rates. I realize it's because of storage and usage costs, and these aren't very noticeable to average users - however, I'd say most people that use Distrify are more tech-related, both filmmakers and viewers.

    But overall I'd say it's pretty great.

    And yes, I did research several similar services and found this one to be the easiest and more affordable to use. Dynamo Player is out there, and of course iTunes (but you have to pay an aggregator or find a distributor).

    It'll be interesting to see how Continuum does down the road with this model. I'm trying to figure out the best way to release Season 2. Hoping I can build a bigger audience with the YT release this summer, and then roll it out as VOD like this, and also on JTS, then do an ad-supported release down the road. I'm also interested to see if folks will pay while it's on YT... if they like what they see and want to watch the entire thing right then they can pay to do so, or wait and watch the rest of free (weekly).

    We shall see.....

  • Very cool and look forward to it!

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