Texas Motion Picture Alliance

If you work in the Texas film business (or would like to or have thought about shooting here) on either side of the camera take a minute to check out this new organization - they need people to register and help spread the word...


(from their website)

Statement of Purpose

An organization of organizations, The Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TMPA), is currently being formed to significantly bolster and expand the existing infrastructure of the film/video production industry in the State of Texas. Its purpose is to support the creation of financial incentives to producers of all such media both from within and outside of the state.

The organization intends to accomplish this via funded legislative means as a result of the combined efforts of all subsequent participants in the TMPA. The potential gains to be realized by the Texas economy in establishing such incentives will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars and their impact will touch virtually every sector of business within the state.

Regional Meetings and the Statewide Leadership Meetings are being organized and will be opened to the officers, board members and designated representatives of ALL organizations that stand to benefit for the objectives of the alliance.

Each area film commission or appointee by the Texas Film Commission will organize Regional Meetings. These will precede the Statewide Leadership meeting so that all will be better prepared for the task at hand.

The seven regions are currently:

a) Austin
b) Dallas
c) El Paso
d) Houston
e) Rio Grand Valley
f) San Antonio
g) Texas Panhandle

This might sound kinda boring to you and very "business like", and well, it is. Remember of course that it's called "Show BUSINESS" and this is what really makes a film a reality.

All this stuff is very important to the future of filmmaking in Texas and actually the Texas economy in general, so please take a look and register if you want to help out.

I'll try and get more details soon too to further explain what the organization does and how you can help.


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