Locking HDMI Cables

This is more of a techie related item, but good for Regular Joes to know too. :)

HDMI cables are becoming the standard for HDTV's and consumer/prosumer cameras. Shoot some video and play it back in HD via an HDMI cable. Or, hook up a Blu-Ray player or gaming system via HDMI.

Problem with the cables though is they just "slip in" the connector. They do not lock in place even like an RCA cable does, or especially like a BNC cable (HD/SDI).

I have personally experienced this being a problem. My DirecTV box occasionally goes in and out due to the cable coming loose (mainly from our cat getting behind the components and crawling around). We routinely have to move the gear and push the cable back into place.

But not anymore. Finally there's a "locking" HDMI cable available.

Click here to check it out

May seem trivial, but really this is a great product for consumers as well as video professionals. It will likely become the standard in the future.


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  • Here's another alternative for those that already own their HDMI Cables:


    It's a universal locking adaptor designed to work with most HDMI Cables and most HDMI Components, to secure it to the chassis, as well as significantly reduce stress on your input.

  • Thanks for adding this link. That looks like a good product.

  • I played with this product (or something very very similar) at the CEDIA show last year. A couple of observations:
    - They increase the force required to pull out, but a good tug will still yank out the cable.
    - The locking mechanism worked with 4 of 5 devices I tested

    My conclusion was that it's a start but not a substitute for a cable that can be screwed into a device like a VGA or DVI connector.

  • HDMI cable with extraordinary impedance stability and low skew. HDMI over IP system can be used to distribute HD digital content from multiple sources to up to 200 displays on a LAN by cascading Ethernet switches up to 3 levels, allowing the most distant display to be located up to 300m away from the 1080p source device while sustaining excellent picture & sound quality.

  • The secret is that the ends have a little lock on them that ensures the cables stay in place. The lock is strong and will not accidentally come unplugged. If for some reason it is forced out though, the cable will not re-lock in the same device. The lock on the cable remains intact, but the device’s female port seemingly doesn’t like the lock anymore. The cable will still transmit the signal fine though.

  • HDMI cable snaps into place and cannot be pulled out without pressing the little lock. It ensures that the cables stay in place & The cable will still transmit the signal fine although.

    HDMI over Cat

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