'Tipping Points' for Mobile TV

This is very interesting and relevant for "Pink" and mobile distribution...

June 20, 2008 - LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QuickPlay Media, a leading provider of mobile TV and video solutions, has revealed the results of an independent Market Tools survey focused on mobile TV and video consumption in the UK.

The research found that there are several barriers preventing people from consuming TV and video content on their mobile phones, including a lack of awareness of the mobile TV and video services offered (44%) and cost (33%) ��" the latter, a barrier that is set to erode as 'all-you-can-eat’ data plans become more prevalent in the market place.

The demand for consumers to watch mobile TV is there, with 65 percent of respondents stating that they are willing to spend time watching an advertisement if it meant that the mobile TV or video content they consume is free or discounted. On the other side of the coin, if mobile TV and video were to be charged for, 22 percent said that they would prefer a pay-per-use business model and 13 percent outlined a preference for an additional monthly subscription that would deliver the content without advertisements.

"Operators across the world have invested heavily in improving their network structures to handle high-speed data transfer, but as an industry it seems that we are challenged by the last hurdle in marketing and selling these innovative data-based services to the public. There is a clear lack of awareness by end-users about what services they can enjoy, and what it will cost them to start watching," commented Wayne Purboo, CEO of QuickPlay Media.

Purboo added "The survey shows that perceived cost is a key barrier to mobile TV and video consumption in the UK so one option for operators and content owners is an advertising-based mobile TV and video offering ��" a solution that we have successfully rolled out with some of our customers in other parts of the world. Furthermore, the shift by European operators to offer unlimited data packages will start to remove the barriers for consumers to test and adopt data-based services such as mobile TV and video."

Two in five people have watched TV and video content on their mobile phone, with many now regularly using such services. 18 percent of those that have tried a mobile TV and video service watch on a weekly basis, with more than a third watching almost on a daily basis.

For consumers that are currently using mobile TV and video, the research highlights that as many as 46 percent have used it at home, an interesting statistic considering that consumers have other platforms available to them, such as TV and computers, to consume TV and video content. In relation to this, 30 percent stated that they would watch mobile TV and video in between activities and 28 percent said it was a service that they used while in transit.

Other interesting findings of the survey include:

Nearly half of respondents (44%) do not know if their mobile operator even offers a mobile TV and video service and a third (33%) of those questioned cited cost as the main barrier for not accessing mobile TV.

Two-thirds (65%) of consumers said they are willing to watch an advertisement on their mobile phone in order to access free or discounted TV and video content.

41% of consumers have already watched TV or videos on a mobile phone, with 18% of those consumers watching more than once a week

As many as 33 percent have watched TV or video on their mobile for up to 60 minutes or longer.

41 percent of those surveyed would consider the ability to pause and resume content a deciding factor in whether or not they would watch longer forms of content, such as a full-length movie, on a mobile device.

72 percent do not recall having viewed advertisements on their mobile handset. For those that had 53 percent said these were received as SMS/text ads, and 34 percent said that they were video ads.

When compared against the results of a US study of mobile consumers with comparable demographic profiles the results were very similar suggesting that habits and preferences of consumers, as well as the maturity of both markets, reflect each other

All very interesting, especially the part about people not minding ads to get "free" content. This is good. Now maybe I can actually get paid for all this work. :)


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  • Thanks for your blog posting. I also wanted to share a recent White Paper, "No Way to Regulate: Mobile TV in Europe" that relates to this same subject matter.

    This White Paper highlights the challenges European operators face as they develop and deploy mobile TV services. European regulators have adopted the DVB-H as a mobile TV standard for Europe, but the paper asserts that this approach means operators are limited in their spectrum options and often cannot leverage established network infrastructure.

    Download this White Paper at www.parksassociates.com/free_data/free_data.htm

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