Loud Shorts DVD Now Available!

I finally got the online shopping section of my Loud Pictures website up and running (used to have it on my old site, but that was a while ago)...

So now you can support indie filmmaking at its purest by purchasing the Loud Shorts Volume 1 DVD for only $12.00 plus $3.95 for shipping. You get five kick-ass short films for under $16 bucks! And these are all high quality, award winning projects shot on film. Yes, you heard it. All these shorts were actually shot on film (16mm and 35mm). Not that I'm being a film snob or anything, but it is rare these days to see shorts shot on film.

FILMTHREAT.com reviewed the DVD and gave it "3 1/2 Stars"!

Here's the list of titles (and directors) on the DVD:

1. 6:30 - directed by Blake Calhoun (that's me)
2. A Day at the Office - directed by David Maddox
3. Burning the Grump - directed by David Ahearn
4. Hero - directed by Cliff Richhart
5. Summer Job - directed by Greg Biggerstaff

Go check it out. You know you want to. There's even a sample clip to view too!

Also, while I'm shamelessly plugging things here... Coming soon too is the DVD release of my previous feature film Hit. This DVD will be available to buy later this spring. It will be sold on my website and on Amazon.com (and possibly a few other outlets). Believe me, I'll let everyone know when it's available, so please stay tuned... :)

Thanks for your support!


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