Happy 2006!

Hope everyone's 2006 is off to a great start... mine definitely is as we are finishing up the editing on "Killing Down" and moving into the sound design and scoring phase.

If you're not familiar with my new feature film, please visit www.killingdown.com.

Met with the composer yesterday to spot the film for music cues - of course I made one small mistake - I brought the film to him on DVD with NO timecode burn-in. Why is this bad? Well, he had to use the timer on the DVD player to mark the cues! These of course will change and not be accurate in the end - so he'll have to redo the spotting session. Oh well, at least we got to go over the movie scene by scene. I'm now making a Beta SP dub of the film to give him so he can have a timecode reference that WILL MATCH the final online version of the film. I'm actually having to make the dub to TWO Beta SP tapes since the running time of the movie is 105 minutes and the longest Beta SP tape is 90 minutes. Yeah, this sucks. I could go to DVCAM, but the audio post house wants Beta SP...

Speaking of the online, well, that's another topic for a later post. Suffice it to say I'm having some challenges there regarding the matchback EDL list I've generated from my Avid Xpress Pro HD system. Briefly, I edited the movie in a 30i project (using downconverted Beta SP footage from the original Varicam HD tapes) and now I need to match that edit back to a 24p HD project. Having issues though... Xpress Pro won't accept the new EDL. I'm onlining on a DS though, and it should work there - we'll see...

Well, this is my first post. This is new for 2006 and I hope you'll continue to check out this blog often for updates on the progress of "Killing Down" and other cool info on upcoming projects, etc. Also, I'm going to post some hands-on reviews of recent HD gear I've used - decks, cameras, editing systems and the like. Stay tuned.


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  • Read your blog......loved it all! Am thrilled your first and only shot of the "jumping through the break away glass" went well! I heard an interview on "Fresh Air" (Public radio) with the director of "Bubble". His casting director was at a drive through at KFC in this small town and heard this older woman interacting with the employees. The casting director liked what she heard and hired the older woman (I don't know her name) for the movie. The interview apparently took place at the KFC. Interesting interview.

  • yeah, i heard the same thing recently. pretty interesting way to cast a movie. i might try Dairy Queen for my next film. ;)

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